Love Rules: Social Media Etiquette for Couples

While many have found love on social networking sites, others curse social sites for ruining their relationships. Whatever you believe, there's no doubt that the dynamics of dating have changed forever. If you and your significant other are having a hard time navigating the bumpy road social media entails, here are a few key tips to remember:

Don't overshare.
Not only do none of us care about the everyday goings-on of your relationship, but most would prefer not to have digital love shoved in our faces daily. Being cute is cool, but there’s only so much your friends/followers can take. Be mindful of posting things that only one person can appreciate. This means: no more posting paragraphs worth of your undying love or similar sentiments! Wouldn’t it mean so much more if you actually called your Romeo up and told him in real time? What exactly are you trying to prove here? 

Real-life interactions matter more.
A friend of mine once got upset at her boyfriend for not posting a reply to her “happy anniversary” message online. She claimed it showed he didn’t care, but in reality they had gone out to a romantic dinner and exchanged gifts. Don’t get so wrapped up in your online persona that you forget what really matters – in person, real-life interactions.

No airing out dirty laundry.
It can feel good to vent your frustrations online after a heated argument. It gives you a chance to get things off your chest, and possibly get others’ perspective on the situation. However, once the dust has settled you probably won’t feel so good about your rant, and you may even wonder if your argument was a big deal in the first place. Even worse, you’re showing cracks in your relationship that others shouldn’t be aware of.

Give each other space.
Don’t crowd each other’s online space. You don’t need to comment on every post, ask about every friend, or even make him interact with you everyday. Focus more on your offline relationship. Remember: real-life interactions matter more.

Respect boundaries.
Don’t make your significant other jealous with incessant flirting. Text is surprisingly easy to interpret as flirty, even if you aren't trying to be. But if you are flirting intentionally, at least have enough decency to do it out of the eye of thousands of followers/friends. Which is still wrong, but hey…what goes around comes around!

Social media isn’t going anywhere — that’s for sure.  How do you and your significant other deal with social media?

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