24 Types of Men You’ll Date In Your 20’s

We all have a type – the unobtainable bad boy, the dreamer, the smooth talker, and so on – that we sometimes pursue for a while in order to “get it out of our systems,” or have a bit of fun. It’s probably smarter to steer clear of these types, but when we’re young and in love (or want to be in love) we sometimes see the world through rose-colored glasses and don’t spot the warning signs. In order to lighten the hue of those rose-colored glasses, here is a list to help identify the warning signs of men who are more likely to become learning experience than lifelong partners.

Mr. “I’m Not Ready.”
Your average everyday commitment-phobe.

The Undercover Asshole
Really nice on the outside, but a snake on the inside.

The “Yes” Man
You can walk all over him, and he does whatever you say.

The Rebound
Men you like because they are there during a rough time in your life– usually after a breakup.

The “Wounded Bird”
He’s just gotten his heart broken and thinks you will be able to heal it.

The Upper Class Twit
The really rich guy without a lot of depth

Mr. “No Strings Attached”
The guy who will sleep with you but considers love a four-letter word

The Older Man
As in old enough to be your dad.

Mr. Dad
A guy who reminds you too much of your father or the kind of guy you wish were your father

The Project
A guy you are convinced you can improve.

The Mama’s Boy
Oh! How sweet! Your man calls his mother twice a day. Just to "check in".

The Baggage Carrier
This one brings the drama - may be divorced, involved or even married. Steer clear.

Mr. “You’ll Never Do Better Than Me.”
Get rid of this guy. ASAP!

The Partier
The addict, the heavy drinker, or the party guy

Mr. Non-Verbal
The text-messaging-emailing-but-never-calling guy

Mr. Friend
The friend who wants more, but to who you are not attracted

Mr. “You’re Like A Sister to Me”
The friend you want, but who is not attracted to you

Mr. “Do You Wanna Go Back To My Place?”
The guy who would rather get you into bed than take you out to dinner

The Smooth Talker
The guy who always says all the right things (that could mean you are not the only one he say them to)

Mr. Perfect
The “good on paper” guy. Usually the one your parents like more than you do.

Mr. Chronically Unemployed
Has no intentions of finding or holding down a job.

The Dreamer
He’s all talk, no action.

Mr. Metrosexual
Anyone who carries a man purse

Mr. Failure to Launch
Still lives at home with his parents for no good reason.

Did you notice any parallels between this list and your own dating life? If so, don’t waste much more of your energy on men you know aren’t worth the stress or time.

Are there any types of men you would add to this list? Comment below!  

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