Animal Instinct: Dating According to the 'Rules' of the Wild

It's not your mother; it's wild animals that give the best dating advice. 

Lately, I’ve had a keen interest in wildlife. When I set out to explore our animal friends, I didn’t expect to encounter so many parallels between animal courtship and human dating as well as a wealth of smart advice offered up by our furry (scaly, feathered, etc.) counterparts. Could it be that we’re overthinking dating? Maybe. Here are a few important lessons to consider.

It’s okay to date around.

Are you one of those gals who can’t seem to find Mr. Right? It’s not that you’re a commitment-phobe, you just haven’t found your perfect match. Friends and family claim “you’re being too picky” and you’re beginning to wonder if they’re right. No worries, now you have science — in the form of an endless list of wild animals — on your side. And being choosy and exploring your options may be one of the most important rules of thumb. Marriage is serious business, and finding your mate can take a lot of searching. Just ask barnacle geese. They have several relationships before they find that special goose. Like the goose, you’ll eventually find someone perfect for you.

No Sex? No Problem. Hot New Web Series Focuses On Celibacy + Millennials.

Our culture may seem sex-obsessed, but that doesn't mean everyone is interested in sex.
Celibate in the City is a ten episode drama comedy following the celibacy journey of Mari Brown. Tired of meaningless “situationships”, Mari decides that she needs to approach love and relationships differently. However, once she commits to a season of celibacy, things begin to heat up. With her ex popping up in town and her sexy new boyfriend pressuring her, Mari quickly discovers that being celibate is going to be a lot harder than she initially thought it would be. And with no support from her three best friends, Mari’s willpower is seriously tested. Check out the trailer below:

Celibate In The City Trailer from Eye Wonder Films on Vimeo.

If that trailer leaves you wanting more, you’re not alone and seeing this web series come to fruition rests in your hands. Chantel Johnson and Lawnya Benton, the uber-talented dynamic duo behind Celibate In The City, are currently seeking funding through their Indiegogo campaign. Their efforts have already raised $5,000 dollars, and their campaign will be open for an additional week.
If you’re passionate about or enjoy millennial or African-American web series, this one definitely deserves your support! Here’s what I love about Celibate In The City: it isn’t about slut-shaming or judgement, instead it addresses the issue from so many sides that it takes the judgment out celibacy, and undeniably infuses it with messages of self-determination and the beauty of personal choice in sex and relationships while making room for the topic of sexual responsibility and celibacy in the conversation about young people and millennials today. It’s kind of an awesome turn.

Celibate In The City Indiegogo Campaign from Eye Wonder Films on Vimeo.

I had the opportunity to interview Lawnya and Chantel, and let me tell you: these ladies are a true inspiration - and absolutely driven! Read on for their take on celibacy, the power of web series, and what success means to them.


A mixtape consisting of bossa nova and lounge music.
I wholeheartedly  believe in the power of music. I don’t know about you, but there are few things more therapeutic than popping my headphones in and zoning out to my favorite songs. Pandora or Spotify gets many of us through long, strenuous days of work, and I’d be willing to bet money that you’ve bonded with a now close friend over a mutual love of an artist or genre of music.

This is because music empowers and inspires; offers a retreat from day-to-day stress, and most importantly, brings people together.

I have created a playlist that encompasses all of these qualities. Most of the songs in this playlist fall into the bossa nova and lounge genres because I’m extremely passionate about this type of music. These tracks are like a caress to the soul, and each time I listen I feel weightless and carefree - I know you will too.

This playlist includes music from Bebel Gilberto, Gaelle, Aim, Bliss, Telepopmusik, Bittersweet, Blue Six, Her Majesty’s Sound, and Fertile Ground.

Hit play and enjoy.

*Artwork created by and property of Mariah Thompson

With Gratitude,
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